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tender button

Too much has already been said on the topic of Mondays and it warrants no further discussion. Keep in mind, however, that the following takes place on a Monday and thus resides in its grim shadow.

It is one month since Matthew started his job and for the first time, on the first try, he ties a respectable Windsor knot. The knot is shapely and tied at the right length so that the tip touches the buckle of his belt. The tail is just long enough to fit into the loop in back. The tie is not twisted around his neck, so his collar folds down flat. It looks really nice. He looks nice.

In his freshman year of high school, before the first day, he tied his tie once and never undid it - not for four years - though he wore it every day. Every night he loosened it enough to get it over his head and hung it on the hook in his closet.

Matthew's tie looks perfect. It makes him look responsible. He doesn't button his top button, though. That top button is the difference between adaptation and surrender.

Tags: ljidol, tl;dr

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