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Delvin opens the closet door to find a number of aromatic candles flickering atop his desk, casting a dancing shadow down around his bed. "Hey." says a smoky voice from the shadow. He lowers himself to see under the desk and as his eyes adjust to the dark, they meet hers. "Hey," he says.

Counterpoint pauses, frowns. CTRL+A DELETE. The problem he has with writing is that he can't imagine writing anything that anybody would ever want to read. He thinks about writing about the things that are important to him, but he doesn't like actually thinking about important things. Important things are upsetting. Better to occupy himself with fiction. He closes his laptop and crawls out of his nest. 

The condo is quiet during the day. Matt and Lish are out, Bananacat tends to sleep. Counterpoint tends to sleep too, but today he's restless. If it was dark out, he'd take a long walk to clear his head, but he doesn't like to go out in the sunlight. 

Bananacat sleeps in a perfect circle on the carpet. CP kneels down to pet her on the shoulder but she wakes up and bites his hand, teeth sink into the meat between his thumb and forefinger. Counterpoint returns to his nest, shuts the doors, and gives sleep another try.
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