Pseudonym Jones (pseudonymjones) wrote,
Pseudonym Jones


My mother has a lot of questions.

No, I'm not gay. No, I don't want to be a woman. No, I am not interested in transitioning. Yes, my wife knows. Yes, we're working through it. Yes, you can still expect grandchildren in the future. Please still call me Matthew, son, he & him. I'm just a man who occasionally wears women's clothes. Which, I add, I have always been though I never mentioned it to you before.

My mother's face strains as her mind grapples with a syntactical error. Man ≠ dress. I understand, I went through the same thing and it took me a few decades to resolve the terms. I appreciate that she's trying.

My father has one question.

"So, what if I'm talking to someone, and they say something negative about you, about this? That's going to make me really angry. Is it alright if I punch them?"

I hug him as hard as I possibly can. "Just follow your heart, dad."
Tags: tl;dr
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